Come join the fun!

Subgun & Beltfed matches are normally held monthly.

Each match offers challenging and fun courses of fire, featuring steel and paper targets. Semi-auto rifles in pistol calibers are also welcome to shoot the Subgun match.


The Beltfed match will be held on Saturday May 20 th at 3:00 PM.

The Beltfed match on Saturday May 20th has been changed from a 3 gun to an 4 gun match after many requests. This is on the RIO high power range. YOU will now shoot a HANDGUN, SUBGUN, BATTLE RIFLE, Bolt / Semi Auto, and Beltfed guns. The targets will start at 30yds and go out to 300 plus yds. So bring your pistols, subguns, rifles, and beltfed that you have not shot for a while. ANY MAGAZINE FED FULL AUTO RIFLE CALIBER QUALIFIES FOR BELTFED !!!!! There will be stage guns available if you need one. YOU will need to bring FACTORY 9mm and 556 for the stage guns. REMEMBER NO STEEL TIP OR TRACER AMMO IS ALLOWED There will be open shooting after the match.

Thanks for your support and see you at the match.

This will be the last match for the Full Auto Division until September. Have a great summer.




Each shooter needs their own practiscore ID / account to register for the match.

Practiscore requires a free account for all online match registrations. Log on to practiscore.com with your phone or computer and set up your own personal ID/Account. Click here for more information Link to practiscore.com

After you create an account or login-in with your existing account, you can click here to register and pay for the match and pick a squad to shoot with. Click here to register for the match.



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